5 reasons why MEN lose interest!!!

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Have you ever wondered why men lose interest in you after dating for a while? Well, you are not alone. Many ladies out there ask the same question.

Here is a situation many ladies out there go through every day.  You meet someone special and instantaneously feel the connection. The feeling is mutual and everything is great.

The initial attraction, the chemistry, late night calls and frequent dates are always so exciting when you meet someone new. But as the relationship grows old, you start to notice that he either pulls away or just vanishes. You feel shocked and heartbroken as according to you, everything was perfect. You did not see it coming. What went wrong?

Here are 5 reasons why a man might lose interest in you after a while:

1. You are not the person he fell for:

When a girl gets into a relationship, she thinks she has won the battle. But for a guy, the battle has just started. Remember ladies you are being judged all the time in the initial phase of a relationship. He is experimenting if this could get serious. So do not lose your poise just yet. Do not completely let go of yourself.


We ladies are on our best behaviour when we are in the process of nailing a guy. When he falls for you, do not immediately change your behaviour around him. He will sense that you have been acting all along to trap him. He might vanish without you even realizing. Be the lady he fell for. Eventually, if you guys make through years of togetherness and love grows old, he will learn to love your flaws too. This is not the right time to expose those flaws.

2.  You are not mysterious anymore:

Most of us play hard to get and play mysterious till the man doesn’t pop the question, of using the term ‘couple’. But when he does, we ladies let go of our mystery completely. We start yapping about every little and big details of our life. A man can get bored with this and start to lose interest. Yes, love is eternal I know, but reality can be harsh at times. For that eternal love to develop you need to survive the initial phase of a relationship and keep him interested in you.

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Do not tell him all your favourite cuisines, places, colours, etc. Unfold your personality slowly. He needs to be surprised frequently. You need to keep him on the edge always. Most men are not good at monogamy. If they think you have many sides, it gives them a feeling of dating many women, hence they tend to be more interested in you.

3. You get too clingy:

This is one of the most common reasons why a man will break-up with you. There was an upside of you being hard to get and mysterious, you were not always around. As you get into a relationship you start to communicate with him a lot and you expect the same from him. You need to know all small and big details as you think as a girlfriend it’s your right to know everything about him and vice-versa. Ladies BEWARE. He might run away faster than he got there. Men always talk about needing space and it is true. And when they don’t see you around they will run away from you. So make sure to give than not just a little space, but a roomful of space.


Give him lots of space. You be the one who misses his calls, hangs up first, is too busy with work or friends to take out time to schedule another date. Let him put a little extra effort to reach out to you or go out with you. Surprisingly, he will be his most charming self on your dates.

4. You are always available:

Now, this is the gravest mistake you can make. To be always available for him. It is obvious he will start to take you for granted. In time he will start avoiding you or make you his nanny. He should never get a feeling that your life revolves around him, if he does your relationship is at doom. So, try to vanish once in a while. Let him miss you. Show him you have your own life. He is your priority but you have other things equally important.

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Make your man feel that he is just a small part of your life and your other priorities are much more important to you.

5. You have stopped grooming yourself:

Yes, this sounds quite superficial, but men are visual. The first thing that attracts them is how do you look, dress and carry yourself. We ladies take special care to groom ourselves in the initial days but we tend to get lazy with time. We think that he knows how we really look and it does not matter how we dress. Let me stop you there, it does. When he met you, you looked like a model and now if you start to look different, he might start noticing other attractive females. Remember, he thought we were a conquest for him. He needs to think the same of you if you want to continue this relationship. So ladies hit the gym and visit a parlour.

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Look your best when you are around him. And I would suggest dress good for yourself and not for him. This will give you extra confidence and trust me he will go head over heals for you.

Have you ever wondered why men lose interest in you after a period of time? I have found this great article which has answers to this question.

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Self-worth and self-respect is the key to nail any man. Think of yourself as a valuable person. When you do that he will value you too. A man is a hunter and he loves to hunt and win. That gives him the adrenaline rush and he feels manly. If he wins over you easily, he will never value you. Do not chase him, let him chase you. The more you push him away, the more will he chase you and remember ladies chasing you makes you a conquest to him and he will never let go of you.

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A girl holding a Teddy Bear which says I LOVE YOU. Illustration of- why men lose interest

5 thoughts on “5 reasons why MEN lose interest!!!

    1. I know. I myself did those mistakes and lost the one I was in love with for nearly 4 years. I tried not to do the same with my current bf and guess what, we got engaged and due to get married soon. He has gone head over heels for me. I still am playing difficult to reach out to and he can’t stop chasing me. Try it out. It really works.

    1. Yes. I am a regular blogger and have a full fledged website already. But there are certain thoughts I wanted to share which I wanted to do discretely as my family is not open minded. Hence I have started this blog to share my experiences and learnings with other ladies. I also have few close friends of mine who would eventually add on their relationship experiences as well. I have already written another topic. I plan to write many more such learnings and would love my readers to share their experiences and learnings too.

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