How to Mend Your Broken Relationship

LifeĀ is too short for you to lose it through banal quarrels and madness. If you are ready to take the first step towards reconciliation, we offer you some simple rules: 1. Calm Down and Try to Understand What the Problem Is: Frauds and annoyances occur in all couples. In most cases, they arise from the inability of people to speak openly about the issues that have gathered days, months, and even years in a row. Because of this, a simple[Read more]

A Divorce Story

This article is not about giving advice to anyone. It is just me, sharing my experience with you all. I might say I am trying to offload my emotions through my writing. Divorce is not so uncommon nowadays. In fact, I hear more divorce stories than engagement story. My story is not very uncommon or special but it still is my story. I thought I had a fairytale love and wedding, hence when my world starts crumbling, I did not[Read more]