5 Ways to Keep a Guy Interested in You always!!!

Illustration is portraying how to keep your man interested- A man holding a heart balloon for a woman.

So you have been dating for a while and you don’t want the sparks to die. What should be done? There are many factors which can keep a guy interested in you. Wondering how to keep your man interested in you forever? Its an art and I will help you master it.¬†Here are few of the most important self-tested¬†factors that is an absolute priority.

1. Keep the attraction alive:

Touch is a very important sensation. Make sure you give him enough hugs, kisses, hold hands now and then. This will definitely keep the sparks alive.


2. Be the best in bed:

Without a doubt, this should be a very serious thing you understand. Sex is a very important part of any relationship and it needs to be good. You need to make him crave for you. Learn the need of your partner and also truly enjoy it. He really wants you to want this as much as he does.


3. Learn his fantasies and play along:

Do not become monotonous. Keep changing your moves in the bedroom. A little extra effort will entice him.


4. Be happy around him:

The fact that a relationship is positive is that you both are happy in it. So, make sure to be happy around him and let him know he is the reason. This will do the trick.


5. Maintain some space:

A good relationship is also about not being too much around each other and still be in each other’s life. You both need to have a life of your own other than each other. This is really refreshing and will give your relationship a new freshness.

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When both of you are in love, you don’t need to work too hard or pretend at all. Follow all the above, but genuinely enjoy doing these as nothing fake can last long. He fell in love with the original you so remember, always to be yourself and your man will be interested in you forever.

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A man holding a heart balloon for a woman

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