How to Mend Your Broken Relationship

Life is too short for you to lose it through banal quarrels and madness. If you are ready to take the first step towards reconciliation, we offer you some simple rules:

1. Calm Down and Try to Understand What the Problem Is:

Frauds and annoyances occur in all couples. In most cases, they arise from the inability of people to speak openly about the issues that have gathered days, months, and even years in a row. Because of this, a simple warning of the loved person can become the spark to an endless scandal. Moreover, you need to understand that the real reason for the outrage is not this, but some other hidden-accumulated issues.

Make some time to analyze your relationship. You may be surprised to find that you are trying to ignore all these problems by going through a quarrel to another. Are you sure this is worth your effort?

Alternatively, on the contrary, you notice that your partner tells you directly or shows you by facts that there are certain aspects in your relationship that do not thank them. They may require more attention, more comfort, or to talk longer. Such issues are easy to solve, but you may never realize it if you do not ask the right questions.

2. Prepare for Discussion:

According to many experienced individuals, you should think about what you want to tell your partner. Compose clear, not vulgar and not aggressive formulas that will help you explain what you want. Unfortunately, relevant discussions do not always work. It sometimes happens that the relationship has just come to an end.

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A conversation with a woman is always a sickening moment. You present facts, arguments. You call for logic and conscience. Moreover, then suddenly you understand that your voice is irritating your partner.

In this case, only time can help. However, you have to keep trying to talk.

3. Ask for Forgiveness:

What can be easier? Especially if you really are guilty and regret what has happened. But, if you think you are not the one to be blamed, and you still want to make peace, say you’re ready to talk. Make it clear that you are ready for reconciliation, and you do not feel so oblivious. Read more.

Of course, this is an ideal situation: in life, it is not all that simple, and you cannot understand from the beginning who is guilty and who is right. As a general rule, both are guilty in some way or the other. However, to resolve a conflict, it is recommended that at least one of the parties gives up. It is silly to think that this is a sign of weakness. On the contrary, to take the first step, you need to be mentally strong.

It is important that you choose the right words. Moreover, it does not matter how you convey them: speaking directly, by phone or by SMS.

A serious looking man and woman

The accusations that we make on one another just for the sake of the argument is not the best method. That’s why a little misunderstanding can turn into a real quarrel.

In the series “How I Met Your Mother,” the characters of Lily and Marshall have a bit of a trickle: whenever they feel their quarrel is going out of proportion, they take a break. The break is a time to calm down, eat or just to get some rest. Sure, it’s a comedy show, but the solution suggested by them is a perfect one: when they are on a break, they have enough time to calm down their nerves hence they do not get upset and together solve the problems they have.

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4. Learn to Listen:

After a quarrel, you should not just calm yourself and worry only about your feelings, but talk to your partner and give them the opportunity to explain themselves. Even if you do not agree with what they say, you do not have to make them feel wrong. Let them understand that you have understood what they meant and that you are not indifferent to their feelings.

5. Make Your Partner a Surprise:

No matter how trivial it may sound, but in any relationship, even in the longest, there is always a scope of more romanticism. A small gift, a dinner or a simple bouquet – are the signs by which a person understands that he/she wants to be reconciled. Do not be afraid to take the initiative and have originality, make everything as unique as possible. The value of the gift does not matter.

Holding your partners hand

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6. Give Your Partner Time for Analysis:

If your partner does not want to see you, does not want to talk to you and does not answer the phone, you should give them some space. Give them time to think and if they want, they will come back to you. Insistence will not help you to restore harmony in your relationship.

7. Let Go if Your Partner Does Not Seem to Be Willing to Hold on to You:

If your partner does not wish to continue this relationship with you, then just let go of them. Making a broken relationship work will only succeed if both the partners are willing to work on it. If only one wishes to continue, and the other does not, then it makes no sense to hold on to such a person as you deserve someone who will give you 100%, hence it may sound difficult right now but for a better future, let go of such relationships.

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sea wave sweeping on a heart sign made on sand

There are certain relationships which only time can heal, but you need to accept the fact that few relationships are just not meant to be. If your relationship seems to be one of them, it is high time for you to just move on and start fresh.

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