7 Signs He is Cheating on You!!!

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We, women, have strong instincts and are good at judging people, but in love many times we foresee the signs which seems to be very clear to others.

It is difficult to accept that he is cheating on you, especially if you have already imagined a long future with him. I will help you find out if he really is cheating or you are just hallucinating it.

How do I know about these signs? Well, I have been cheated upon in the past and I clearly saw the signs but chose to ignore it as I was convinced he was my Mr Right.

If a man is cheating on you, it is not a very difficult to catch him. You just need to be very observant. So, ladies before you convince yourself that he is your Mr Right, make sure you do not ignore any of these 7 warning signs he is cheating on you.

1. He will act differently than his predictable behaviour :

I knew my ex-was cheating much before it actually came out openly in the light. I just could tell something has changed in his behaviour. His phone was busy for many hours in the night, when asked he would say it’s his new year resolution to speak to a new friend every night, This seemed bizarre and just unlike him and I knew he was entertaining some other woman.

This is very common that after staying with someone for a certain period of time, you can most of the time predict their behaviour and reactions in a particular situation. But if you start feeling that they have changed suddenly and the explanation they give is not rational, do not assume that you are imagining. Trust me, this could really mean that something fishy is going on. Dig deeper if needed to find out the truth.


2. He says he is not ready for a serious relationship but leads you on :

This is the clearest sign a guy can give you. My ex pampered me and showed emotions to me as if he was really into me, whereas he parallelly told me he needs time to be serious. For a long time, I assumed he will change and realize I am “the one”. But that never happened and I realized that he was just leading me on.

If a guy thinks you are the one, he will make sure that he locks it down as soon as he can. He cannot afford to lose you. If he is not jumping into a serious relationship with you, it only means he is parallelly exploring other options and keeping you as a standby. Maybe he is not cheating on you now, but remember if he is taking too much time, he will definitely try other options soon.

If your man is not giving you straight commitments, but also getting indulged into cheesy talks which might make you believe that he secretly like you but just needs time, stop right there. Ask him directly if he is serious about you. If he tries to sweet talk out of this conversation then just walk away from him. Don’t get held by such an indecisive man. He just does not value you.


3. He follows too many sexy women on social media :

This might sound like a bizarre sign, but trust me this shows his true identity. I was very shocked to see that my ex followed a lot of sexy women on social media. He did not know them personally. He just liked ogling at their images on Instagram which was weird to me.

I need not explain this sign in detail as you must have already understood what I am talking about. Adding to this I would say my fiance has no interest in ogling at strange women on social media. I hope the difference is clear to you.


4. He tries too hard to convince you that his whereabouts are true:

Whenever I asked my ex about his day or who he was busy with, he would give me a scenario. His usual trait was that he would not like to discuss much in detail about his whereabouts as it was not required, but when he would try hard to give me exact information like sending screenshots of the call or sending location, I would realize something is fishy as he was trying too hard to convince he was saying the truth. With passing time I realized I was right and he had been lying to me the entire time.

Lying is a technique and it comes naturally to a few of them but many fumble. Especially men who lie, try really hard to make you believe they are not lying so you might get extra proofs of there whereabouts. Just be observant to notice if he is being too convincing.


5. He recalls things wrong and keeps changing his statements:

My ex once told me he was out for a movie in the nearby theatre with friends and the show started at 10 at night. After a day his story changed and he told me he was in the movies from 8.30 at night. I caught his lie not only because his statements constantly changed, but also because I knew the theatre was not playing any late night shows of that particular movie.

As a man spends a lot of time lying and between two females, he gets confused and loses track of what he did with whom. So if you hear him constantly rambling and losing track of details, it is a clear red alert for you.


6. He is suddenly too busy at work:

My ex used to be free from work at 5 in the evening and we made plans frequently. As time passed, he started getting busy. He told me continuously that he did overtime till late night. Had absolutely no time for anyone. I could not argue as I did not want to interfere with his work. But with time it looked really suspicious, and I knew he was lying.

Men tend to lie and the easiest way to get off the hook is to lie about work. He knows you will not disturb him if you know he is working. It is possible that he is really busy, but trust me, my fiance also is equally busy but takes out time to call me in between, maybe for a minute or two. If a man loves you, he can be never busy for you. So make sure he is busy with his work too much, follow your gut and make sure he really is busy working.


 7. He is super secretive with his phone:

There came a time when my ex was very secretive about his phone. If I took his phone just to see the time, he would become extremely alert and get his phone back. It made me curious that what could really be so secretive.

I am not asking you to check his phone as I do not believe in breaching someone’s privacy, but if you see him get alert with his phone when you are around, do not ignore it. It could be a sign he is cheating on you. Check for other signs of cheating as well to be sure.


The signs I discussed above is only handful of signs from many many more such signs. If you think he is behaving differently, make sure to be alert and notice his traits. It is possible that it is just a temporary phase he is going through (maybe stress at work) and has nothing to do with cheating. But do not completely ignore the signs.

Many experts out there also might ask you to sit with your partner and discuss this. You can do that but remember if he is cheating on you, he will never accept it and become more alert in hiding his affair. I personally think it is not much of help.


Trust is very important in sustaining a relationship. If you cannot trust him and you constantly feel he is not true to you, such a relationship will kill your peace of mind. You want to be in a relationship which makes you happy, not a detective. Life is already complicated and having a boyfriend who cannot be trusted is adding more complications to it. Such complicated relationship is not worth the pain just like Sam Jones indicated in SATC, “love him, but love yourself more”.

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