5 ways to Deal with Missing Your Man Who is Away!!!

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You don’t have to feel lonely, bored and sad just because your man is out-of-town and you miss him. Constantly expressing your situation to him when you miss him is not the most intelligent thing to do. Why? Because you come across as a needy and clingy person whose life revolves around him and this is not what you want your man to think about you.

It is easy for me to type all these ladies, but hell I know it is a hard thing to practice. When my man goes out for a business trip or family tour with his parents, at times I seriously miss him like hell. Am I clingy? No, but it is completely human to miss the one person who means so much.

So, bottom line, how do we deal with this? Well, you are in for a luck because I am gonna help you bottle up your feelings and make your man miss you more than you miss him. Win-win for everyone.

1. Analyze why you miss him:

Most of the time when I think I miss my man, it is not exactly me missing him because he is away. It may be because I love to go out, so does he and when he is not around, my outing becomes less and I get bored. In turn, I miss him.

There are multiple reasons you might miss him and maybe it has nothing to do with him not being around. Analyze the reason. If you miss roaming around with him, then hang out with friends. If you miss the intimacy, then ladies do your own chores. I am sure the top drawer of your nightstand will help.



Remember that you had a life before he came into yours. You used to be happy back then doing things on your own. Do the same things now. You will survive easily till he returns.

2. DO NOT call him multiple times to express how you feel:

With my ex the gravest mistake I did was express a million times I miss him and that he is the most important part of my life. Well, he does not exist in my life anymore and I would not blame him if he was pushed away because of my acting so sentimental and clingy (let us not forget the fact that he is a serial cheater).

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Missing him is natural, but sometimes it may cloud your better judgement. You might not realize how clingy and over-emotional you might sound to him. If you are missing your husband or finance, you have the leverage to express how you feel truthfully, but if you are missing a guy whom you have recently started dating, you need to slow down. Certain men can get easily scared off when they hear your such strong attachment towards them. You need to play your cards right with him and tone down a bit.


Missing him is not bad, just don’t let it cloud your better judgement. Instead of calling him multiple times, express once or twice that you miss him and that’s it.  It will be your way of expressing your emotions for him subtly without sounding clingy.

3. Take some time for yourself:

My fiance was out last week to visit his family for almost 2 weeks and I started missing him badly. One reason would be that I had a little accident and was asked to take rest for 3 months, my fiance was the only one who took me out for coffee once in a while in my sickness so I obviously was feeling bored and missed him more. Instead of acting pathetic, I started focusing on writing more articles. That way I was able to get ahead in my work and as a bonus, he was less on my mind. Every night when I was done with my work and checked my phone, there were like 4-5 missed calls from him. At times he would get worried and call my mom to check if I am ok.

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Being away from him can become one of the best time when you get to focus on things you have been wanting to do but kept on hold. This way you will feel totally satisfied with utilizing the time for yourself instead of wasting it by missing him. Keeping your mind off him will make you not wanna communicate with him repeatedly, this will instead make him miss you more. So, you get to do what you love and he gets to miss you. Isn’t this a win-win ladies!!!


Many times in relationship, we become so involved with our partners that we tend to lose our identity somewhere along the road. Spending time with yourself is one of the most important things you should be doing, even when he is around. 

4. Spend some quality time with friends:

I have 2 best friends who live in different cities. Even after being apart, we always managed to do a conference call every night. After getting engaged, I started getting more involved with my fiance and made less time for my friends. Recently, when my man was away, I decided to give him a break and go back to my friends. Trust me it is a big sigh of relief to be with friends as you can talk about all sorts of secrets to them.

Let’s face it, after commitment we get so busy in our lives that we forget to spend time with our close friends. When your man is away, instead of missing him, start spending more time with your friends. Put your party pictures on social media. Your man will definitely love you more for being so independent and a part of him will miss you more.

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Friends are the most important part of anyone’s life. Your spouse may ditch you, but true friends will always be there for you in happy times and sad times as well, to get past all miseries. So utilize this time to revisit those good old times.

5. Get your own life:

In my past relationship, the biggest mistake I made was to assume that my ex is my life and nothing else mattered. Well, we are not together now and I know how stupid that was.

Your life cannot revolve around one person. Make him your priority, but get a life of your own like your hobby, friends, work, etc. This will give him some space and in-turn you will enjoy your space too. Giving him space is gonna draw him closer to you and he will value your presence in his life a lot more.


Missing your man who is away? I found this great post on ways to deal with it.

Your man will respect you more when he sees that he is just a piece of your puzzle but not the entire puzzle. He will value and treasure you more.

Missing your spouse when he is away is just natural, but when you know that he is gonna return soon, why be sad? Use the time to discover yourself and flaunt your inner diva.

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