3 Ways to Deal with a FORGETFUL Man!!!

A woman angry with a confused forgetful man

Are you getting crazy dealing with a man not of his words? A Forgetful man can really drive you insane. If you do not want to feel the urge of strangling him now and then, read further…

Yes, I know this is something which is next to impossible to change, but as a woman, I get extremely frustrated when my fiancee who apparently promised to be around always, saying all the right things when our relationship started, suddenly stopped being so ideal.

He takes up the responsibilities and butter talks me into believing that he would do it and then completely forgets, despite reminding him multiple times. If you ladies are nodding along as you read, we definitely are in the same boat.

There are a lot of scientific theories on why men can be forgetful. Can you really believe those bullshit theories to defend that irresponsible partner of yours? If he can remember to hang around with his buddy doing nothing, he very well can remember to do my work as well. Come on he swears that I am his priority, which makes me wonder, is he slow or delusional.

I apologize for my language use, I do love him, but this behaviour of his really ticks me off. I did some research and realized there are a lot of woman out there who complain the same. When I mentioned this to my BFF, her plain reply was, ‘welcome to my world’.

So, how do you really deal with a forgetful man? Well, I have devised a few easy techniques to easily handle my guy. And trust me ladies, he does not only remember, he takes extra efforts to help me out. Do you wish your man did the same? Read further to know how…

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1. Behave like a single girl:

I know this sounds weird, but this is something which works all the time. When you ask him to do something, there is more tendency that he would forget. So maximize in doing important things by yourself. I am talking about important stuff here, not daily errands. When you do things on your own, there are more chances that he will suggest to help you out and even remember to do it. Men are turned on by an independent woman so if he sees you independent, he will feel you don’t need him and that would make him want you more. He will want to be there for you.

Men have this weird psychology of wanting to be there when they are not asked to. So try to do all your important work yourself, moreover, it gives you an extra confidence that you are self efficient.

2. If he has agreed to do something, do not remind him multiple times:

You think I am talking in their favour, trust me, I am on your side. Let me break this for you as to how it works. Men tend to act like the boss around and when they are repeatedly asked to do something, they somehow start calling that nagging. I know we women don’t nag all the time and if we do it is because men in our lives do not follow what we really want in a go. But still men will be men and if you repeat a thing several times, they will assume you are nagging them and that would make you less attractive to them. So tell him once what to do, at max remind him once. If he still forgets, do it yourself and in a subtle way, let him know you have finished the task. Do not rub it on his face. He will feel guilty if you do not make a big deal about it and there are chances that he will be more responsible the next time.

Nagging does not help either of you. It will make him not want to do the task. Be cool about it and he might budge. If not, do it yourself.

3. Explain it to him that why is it important for him to do the task:

Communication is the key to any relationship, this is absolutely true. Make sure he understands how important it is for you that he does it. Make sure you do not sound blaming or angry with him. Keep it a nice constructive conversation. Sometimes men do not understand what you really expect from them. Remember ladies they are from a different planet (MARS) altogether. You explaining them in detail might make your task easier and he would be more than happy to help you.

‘Men are from MARS and Women are from VENUS’ is absolutely true. Explain your man clearly your expectations, This is the easiest way for you to make him remember why it is important for him to help you out.

Remember, these methods might not work always. That doesn’t mean you have to get irritated and show him your anger. Doing so would make your day a bad one and create a strained relationship. Just chill, act cool and be independent. Always remember, no one can do a better job than you, not even him.

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A woman angry with a confused forgetful man

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